Over the last 12 months, I have changed my mind about what I want to achieve a hundred times.

I’m a qualified accountant, but if truth be told, that’s not the way I want to spend the next 20-odd years of my working life. Sure, the benefits are good – but what I really want is outside of this occupation. I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully)  to explore different avenues for years, but in the end I’ve hit the same brick wall and got nowhere.

At first, I wanted to be a photographer. Then an author. Then a photographer. Then an author. (Repeat indefinitely). You get the idea.

So instead of sticking to one, I’ve jumped backwards and forwards and ultimately found myself in exactly the same position I was in 12 months ago. I’m still an accountant, and one with nothing to show for my efforts of the last year.

I love photography. But deep down what I really want to do is be an author. Or at least give it a serious try. my first novel “The Kiss From a Dragon” has not exactly given me what I wanted – sales well below three figures prove that. My enthusiasm for my second novel “Nine Lives” waned to the degree that after writing 90k words I simply could not be arsed to proof-read and edit it. My work-in-progress has been stuck at 44k words for four months.

Yes, I admit to being demoralised.

But today is a new day. November 2021 is a new month.

Already, “Nine Lives” is now 90% ready to publish. I have sent the first 3 chapters off to agents and publishers – so far, no responses – but I expect that at this stage. I have re-visited my work-in-progress, made a few plot tweaks, and feel indescribably better about it just for doing that.

I do want to be an author. The mistake I have made for the last 2 years is not working hard enough to even try and make that dream a reality.

But now – with a new lease of life about my writing – a new start beckons. I realise now that I am simply not going to get anywhere if I don’t stick with it. If I want this badly enough, the only person who can start this ball rolling is me.

I want to try and make a go of this. So here we go.