Debut fantasy Novel “The Kiss From a Dragon” will be released on 1st December 2020.

Pre-order is available from the Amazon store here at a special pre-release price. The paperback version will shortly be available for pre-order, please check back soon.

After an extensive re-edit, “The Kiss From a Dragon” is now finalised. So, what exactly is TKFAD all about?

A fantasy novel set in the fictional realm of Evorene.

THE KISS FROM A DRAGON centres around the three Proudstone sisters – Cerana, Jana and Esteri. The young women’s lives are turned upside down when Esteri, the youngest sibling, mysteriously contracts an ancient and potentially deadly disease.

Enlisting the aid of a local apothecary to diagnose Esteri’s harrowing condition, the sisters soon realise there is more to this disease than first meets the eye.

The mystery of how Esteri first contracted the disease gives way to an even greater problem – how to cure it. According to legend, the disease can only be cured using an ingredient found from the most impossible of sources – a dragon. The problem is, dragons have not been in existence for centuries.

As the family are forced apart in an attempt to find answers and source an unlikely cure, Cerana finds hope in the form of an enigmatic young woman following a chance encounter.

But the little hope Cerana clings onto is fraught with danger, and she soon discovers there is an even more terrifying story to the disease – one that will have dire consequences for the entire realm should she fail.

How can you treat a disease, when the cure has not been seen for centuries?

The Kiss From a Dragon, C.D. Pennington (2020)

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CD Pennington
The Kiss From a Dragon