Today is the first Wednesday of the month, and my first ever post to the Insecure Writer’s Support Group – so firstly a big hello to all fellow members! A link to the IWSG website can be found here.

So maybe it is a little odd that my first post to the group comes with little insecurity at all. So me being the worrying kind that I am, it got me thinking – should I have insecurities, or have I just been lucky enough to so far avoid them?

Writing to me is currently more of a hobby than anything else. Sure, it would be lovely to think that one day I may be able to earn a few extra coins from my writing to put towards the bills, but as I am 85% into my first draft of my very first novel, those days seem an age (and a dream) away.

I am lucky enough to have a decent job outside of my writing, and one in which I have adequate time to devote to the wondrous joy I get from writing my novel. I wish I could do it more often, but time does not currently allow.

I guess that I am in a position to think of any potential income from writing as a bonus, so perhaps that is why I do not feel as insecure as I might. Maybe that will change as things progress and I finally get to the stage of trying to get the finished article published – trying being the operative word.

I am not naive enough to think that my novel – from a complete unknown author who has no prior experience of writing/authoring anything – is going to make me an overnight success. To tell the truth, I would be over the moon if I sold one copy – and if was lucky enough to sell 10, well…..

Trying to keep my feet on the ground is helping me stay secure, I guess. If I look at my writing as something I do for the pure enjoyment of it, I figure that is a good place to start. Maybe as my writing career progresses, I will feel different. That is, if my writing career progresses. I hope it does, but if the worst comes to the worst and the world hates my writing – at least I can console myself with the knowledge that it actually makes me happy to write. And that can only help me, can’t it?

After all, if you do something for the enjoyment of it – anything that comes from it should surely be taken as a bonus.

Happy Insecure Writer’s Support Group Posting Day everyone!