It is fair to say that July has been a bit of a write-off for writing. So here, at last, is my August 2020 update – light at the end of the tunnel.

At the moment, writing for me is not (unfortunately) my main job. I wish to was, and one day I hope it will be. But for now, I am stuck in a job I don’t like, working for a company that takes me for granted. Yes, I am lucky to have a job in this day-and-age. However this one isn’t doing my health much good at the moment.

As a result, time for writing has been almost non-existent. Work has been so demanding and time-consuming, during July I managed the vast total of 2,179 words. Better than nothing, but only just.

CD Pennington

Things are looking up, at last.

However, despite the lack of time to write, I have had the opportunity to think. I have now started writing again, after things are slowly relaxing at work. But I have had a change of tact.

I was working on a fantasy project that – as I delved deeper into it – just wasn’t floating my boat. I just couldn’t get into it, and as a result I feel my writing suffered. My heart wasn’t in it, and inspiration was hard to find. So, I have ditched it, and resurrected an old project I paused last year.

I have heard it said that one should always finish a project that one starts. Well, one day I might. But for now, my excitement is building about an old project that has been rekindled.

An old friend revisited.

So far in August, I have re-read the storyline, tinkered with it and changed sizeable chunks. And I’m loving it again. So much so, I churned out a 2,500-page chapter in no time. I was shocked when I saw the word-count was over 35,000. About a third of the way there!

The novel is a dark fantasy / fantasy horror story. It centres around protagonist Barrador Holt, who is fighting with his own demons only to discover a sinister development in the small village where he lives.

Swords, spells, witchcraft and devilry. Oh, and a certain rare tiger. It’s all in here, and I am genuinely excited by it. It just goes to show what a difference it can make, to leave something for a while and revisit it with fresh eyes.

And there’s more….

More info will be up on the new novel shortly, so please check back at the blog. I am also currently working on a new short story – a first for me. And this time it is away from the fantasy genre, also a first for me! Again, more details to follow.

After a very difficult period at work, these are exciting times ahead for me. Much work is needed, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you will join me on the journey.

Take care & stay safe.