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December 1 question – In your writing, what stresses you the most? What delights you?

eAt the moment, my main stress comes from how to start a new chapter or section.

Before I begin to write a new novel, I like to make sure I have an outline of what I want to write, and where it needs to appear in the context. This is where my delight comes – I find the plotting and ideas part of the process to be the most enjoyable, and is the part I relish most.

Writing the actual content stresses me!

I have an idea of what I (overall) want from the section I am writing. But I do struggle to get that idea and outcome onto paper – and this is what gives me most stress. How can I transform my thoughts into something that people want to read? Whatever is in my head has a habit of not coming out in print as I want it to!

 Another thing that REALLY stresses me is not being good enough. I write novels, which takes up a big investment of time and effort. I worry that people won’t like my books, and therefore won’t read them. This results in a wasted 1-2 years of slogging out what I think is a reasonable novel. Any aspirations I have of being an author depend on people wanting to read my books – and this indeed causes a great deal of stress.