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    Don’t Fall Into The Same Trap As Me

    +1 Mistakes happen. It is how we learn from them that counts. I am paying for mine now, so please make sure you don't fall into the same trap as me when it comes to publishing your novel. The truth is, I published my debut novel Kiss From A Dragon too early. Far too early. So keen was I to see my pride and joy made available to the public, I published well before it was ready. It was a mistake I will live with for the rest of my live. But to say I have learned from this mistake is a mild understatement. What went wrong? It took me…

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    WordPress Addon Guide for Authors

    0 WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool, but can be very user-unfriendly in its purest form. That is where official and third-party addons come into their own. In this WordPress addon guide for authors, I will go through the addons I use for my author website. Without addons, WordPress is just a blank canvas, waiting for you to put your own personal touch onto. Some are without much doubt essential, whilst others are personal preference. Take a quick look at the addons database within WordPress and you will find a staggering number of different addons, each providing a variety of different solutions that aim to make your life easier. But…

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    Why World of Warcraft made me love dragons

    0 I love dragons. The beautiful, mysterious, enigmatic creatures hold a fascination for me that has gone back to my childhood. For as long as I can remember, I have been enchanted by stories, folklore, films, games and books that have had anything to do with these magnificent beings. Perhaps my earliest recollection is from avidly watching the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series on TV. Now in my early-forties, the only thing that sticks out in my mind from that series is that it had dragons. I can’t remember any of the other characters, just the dragons. Looking back, this must have been where the fascination started. Yet it has…